Top 6 Misconceptions about SEO

Top 6 Misconceptions about SEO

There is a ton of confusing information out there about SEO, we know. Some of those things you have heard are just misconceptions. Other items are outdated information. Read below if you are ready to get to the bottom of the confusion.

Venice FL SEO company top 6 misconceptions about SEO


  1. A blog isn’t important, only big companies have them.

Blogging is one of the best ways for a Small Business to compete with big businesses! Yes, big companies do utilize blogs, but they actually aren’t very good at monopolizing keyword rankings. This is usually due to inflexible strategies and too much red tape to be agile. With the right strategy and company or team, weaknesses can be identified in their rankings and/or strategies for your small business to slip in and dominate.

  1. If an SEO company guarantees I’ll rank #1, I should go with them.

Ranking guarantees are a huge Red Flag. No one can tell you with absolute certainty what position you will rank in the future. There are multiple reasons for this, not the least of which include: New competitors can step onto the field adding players to the equation, old competitors can change their strategies causing them to move up or down in the rankings, and Google’s constantly changing algorithms.

  1. A website is a luxury, not a necessity for SEO.

If you want to grow your business, you need a website. Yes, it is a larger one-time cost, but it will pay dividends over time. Digital isn’t going anywhere – websites have been around for 25 years now! Without one, your options for SEO are incredibly limited. Not only is it the best way to allow potential clients to browse your services or products, but a website is also the best platform to use for increasing your online visibility through content marketing/SEO. Social media even works best when you have a website that you are linking back to or providing additional information to potential clients on. Even a basic website is like having a sign outside of your store, it just makes sense. If you are serious about growing your business, you will benefit from a website.

  1. Keyword Stuffing is a good way to rank well.

These days, Keyword Stuffing is a terrible way to do SEO. Ten plus years ago this was an acceptable way to get a website ranking, but those days are long gone. Search Engines are all about original, useful content. You are actually more likely to be Negatively Penalized for using the practice of keyword stuffing now.

  1. SEO is a one-time deal.

While you can do a one-time spruce up of your Search Engine Optimization, that is not a strategy, it’s an add on. Depending on one-time SEO is like getting your car waxed right after you buy it, then never washing it, waxing it, or changing the oil again. It doesn’t mean it isn’t the right thing to do right after getting a new website, but it is not a long-term strategy. It’s a step in setting your digital marketing up for success.

  1. All keywords are equally difficult.

Luckily, keywords vary wildly in difficulty. This applies to both your location and your industry. Are you in a top major city like New York City? Incredibly difficult, although not impossible. The same goes for keywords like “insurance”. However, the easiest way to combat very difficult keywords is to be more specific. If you are in Venice, FL, you could start with targeting that before trying to take over the rankings for Sarasota, FL. Your industry keywords work the same way, focusing on ‘auto insurance’ is more specific than ‘insurance’ itself although even better maybe comprehensive auto insurance.

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