Local Business Guide to Remarketing

Local Business Guide to Remarketing Venice FL Paid Search

Local Business Guide to Remarketing

Local Business Guide to Remarketing

If you’re a local business owner, you know how valuable website visitors are to your bottom line. But what happens when those visitors leave without taking action, like making a purchase or booking an appointment? That’s wasted potential revenue walking out the door. Remarketing gives you the ability to reconnect with website visitors through targeted ads across the internet, turning them into customers.

Local Business Guide to Remarketing Venice FL Paid Search

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing, also referred to as retargeting, shows customized ads to visitors who have been to your website before. For instance, if a potential buyer looks at a product page on your site but doesn’t purchase, you can display an ad for that product to them as they visit other websites. Remarketing allows you to stay top of mind and continue engaging people who expressed interest but didn’t initially convert.

Here are some of the key advantages remarketing provides local business owners:

Targets interested prospects – You can reconnect with engaged visitors who didn’t convert right away.
Increased conversion rates – Remarketed visitors convert at a higher rate than new visitors.
Brand reinforcement – Repeated exposure to your ads boosts brand familiarity and recall.
Cost-effective – You can control budgets and only pay for clicks or impressions.
Flexible placement – Remarketing ads can appear on Google, social media, YouTube and top websites.

How to Set Up Your First Campaign.

When starting out with remarketing, focus on driving conversions from your existing website traffic. Follow these steps:

Install the remarketing tag on your website to collect visitor data.
Set up conversion tracking to define your goals from site visits.
Create a remarketing audience in your ads platform based on site visitors.
Write compelling ad copy to reconnect with your audience as they browse elsewhere.
Establish a daily budget and set bids for ad placements. Start small and optimize.
Monitor performance to identify top-converting placements, audiences and creatives.
Following these fundamentals will get your first low-cost remarketing campaign up and running successfully.

Top Remarketing Platforms.

Google Ads
Facebook Ads Manager
Bing Ads Manager
All 3 make it easy to create targeted remarketing audiences, design creative, set budgets, analyze conversion data, and optimize your campaigns.

Tips for Optimizing Remarketing Performance.

Set up different ad sets for different remarketing audiences based on their level of engagement.
Make your ads timely and relevant by promoting current offers or seasonal promotions.
Test different creatives like promotional messaging or dynamic product ads.
Adjust your bids and ad budget to balance reach and conversion volume.
Use location targeting to focus your ads on local customers.
Coordinate your remarketing with email and social media marketing efforts.

Remarketing is a highly effective channel for local businesses to generate more conversions from their existing website traffic. By repeatedly exposing visitors to your brand as they browse elsewhere online, remarketing helps turn website visitors into paying customers.