Long Term Benefits of Organic Search Optimization

Long Term Benefits of Organic Search Optimization


What SEO’s may not tell you about Organic Optimization

Regardless of what you have heard from other SEO’s, there is actually a downside to organic search. The wait. Luckily, the patience is not without reward. Organic search results take time to cultivate. Just as anything else that is of great value, it is worth the wait.

There are plenty of other online marketing tactics that have obvious results much quicker, over time they have no sustained value. On the other hand, organic optimization continues to build on itself. It is the difference of setting up a tent or building a house. The tent will provide immediate shelter, but it is temporary. Organic search, like building a home brick by brick, may take time but it provides long lasting shelter, safety and comfort that are not easily torn down.

Pay Per Click, remarketing advertising, banner ads, and other paid search marketing are still valuable, but they should be used to supplement your SEO efforts. Additionally, they are great to use while your SEO is building.

Fruits of Labor

Instead of focusing on search engines, use natural SEO that is focused on your customers to build rankings that will not suffer with each new algorithm update. Once you have achieved the rankings that you are aiming for with your organic SEO, it’s time to branch out and broaden your keywords. While you have the option of going on “cruise control” and likely maintaining your newly achieved rankings for a while, it is not guaranteed. Your best bet is to continue at the same rate, but start to add more target keywords, without neglecting your initial keywords. Keep blogging, sending newsletters to your email list, connecting on social media and anything else you are currently doing to reach your audience and build your rankings.

The beauty of blogging for organic search really shines with your long tail keywords and cluster keyword rankings. Obviously you will use more versions of your target keywords, as well as different combinations of words with those keywords, which in turn will naturally boost your search rankings for them. Although there is less traffic for these, research shows us that long tail keyword searches convert 2.5 times more than generic keywords due to customers being further into the sales funnel.

Figure out Your Plan of Action

Decide how often you are going to blog, send newsletters, post on social media and anything else you want to add into your online marketing. Rather than waiting until the timing is “just right”, start now! Because it takes time to build up organic search authority, you want to start before your success depends on it. If you need results yesterday, definitely consider adding in Pay Per Click while you build up your organic optimization. Still not sure how to go about it? Give us a call at (469) 268-7119 and we will go over your website with you. We will consult you on the areas that you can improve, as well as the best practices for getting there. Prefer email? We have that too!