Responsive Web Design

Your website is your business’s online storefront. You’d never leave your office, waiting area, or showroom looking unkempt; your website should be no different. It is no secret that most people now start their research and shopping online, so a great first experience can be the difference between a new lifelong customer and someone who never gives your brand a second chance.

Reaim’s philosophy is that a website should be designed to communicate each brand’s core story and project the proper image to identify with the target audience while providing an intuitive user experience. With the emerging popularity of smartphones and tablets, Reaim’s web designs are all responsive, so visitors have a terrific experience regardless of the device.

While we’ve worked with a variety of platforms, the majority of our websites utilize either WordPress or Magento. These two content management systems (CMS) allow us the necessary flexibility to effectively organize information about your services or products. These platforms allow Reaim to deliver each website fully search engine optimized from the first line of code giving your business a head start in your journey toward the top of the search engine.

Finally, the whole reason to have a new shiny website is to generate a strong ROI, right? Google Analytics is installed and configured to help you keep track of all your new visitors, and revenue tracking is configured for all eCommerce websites. By knowing which channels are sending you the most converting visitors, you’ll be able to more effectively allocate your marketing resources and yield a higher ROI. We can also advise you regarding other tracking software (i.e. heat mapping, IP lead tracing, etc) that may be beneficial for your specific business and install upon it request.

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