Email Newsletter Marketing

Want Some Good ROI?

E-mail Marketing is extremely cost effective, and a great way to keep in communication with your customer base. In fact, it is the number one return on investment for all marketing activities! Building an effective email list should begin with a client base that fits your general customer profile, or traffic directly from your website. Secondly, we strongly suggest at least one opt-in, and to build the most efficient list, a second opt-in.

It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Building a list takes time, but with a well thought out subscribe section on your website, and by sending out valuable free content that your subscribers take time to open and read, your list will grow and sustain it’s members. We highly suggest sending out specialized content often to create a “top of mind” habit in your customers.

Continuing to Improve

Once your campaign is up and going, we will periodically conduct split tests to gauge what your subscribers respond to. We will then implement those results to increase your open and click through rates. Email campaigns can be used for special programs, or as regular contact for customer contact throughout the week or month. Either way, utilizing your subscriber list is a great compliment to your online branding and marketing strategy! Contact us to find out the best ways to use your existing email list, or find out how to start building one.

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